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By Francis Grose

A Dictionary of Buckish Slang, collage Wit, and Pickpocket Eloquence. Unabridged.

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Mead and ale sweetened with honey. BRAGGADOCIA. vain−glorious fellow, a boaster. BRAINS. If you had as much brains as guts, what a clever fellow you would be! a saying to a stupid fat fellow. To have some guts in his brains; to know something. BRAN−FACED. Freckled. He was christened by a baker, he carries the bran in his face. BRANDY−FACED. Red−faced, as if from drinking brandy. BRANDY. Brandy is Latin for a goose; a memento to prevent the animal from rising in the stomach by a glass of the good creature.

CHILD. To eat a child; to partake of a treat given to the parish officers, in part of commutation for a bastard child the common price was formerly ten pounds and a greasy chiu. See GREASY CHIN. CHIMNEY CHOPS. An abusive appellation for a negro. CHINK. Money. CHIP. A child. A chip of the old block; a child who either in person or sentiments resembles its father or mother. CHIP. A brother chip; a person of the same trade or calling. CHIPS, A nick name for a carpenter. CHIMPING MERRY. Exhilarated with liquor.

A bastard. C CABBAGE. When the scrotum is relaxed or whiffled, it is said they will not cabbage. CAB. A brothel. Mother: how many tails have you in your cab? how many girls have you in your bawdy house? CACAFEOGO. A sh−te−fire, a furious braggadocio or bully huff. CACKLE. To blab, or discover secrets. The cull is leaky, and cackles; the rogue tells all. CANT. See LEAKY. CACKLER. A hen. CACKLER'S KEN. A hen roost. CANT. C 38 1811 Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue CACKLING CHEATS. Fowls. CANT. CACKLING FARTS.

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