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By Chris McNab

Describes three hundred uniforms of the final a hundred years from everywhere in the world.
Superbly illustrated with full-colour works of art.

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The Army of Gustavus Adolphus, Volume 2: Cavalry (Men-at-Arms, Volume 262)

A lot of the celebrity of Gustavus Adolphus has based upon his cavalry. he's stated to have reversed the stagnation of ecu cavalry struggle, giving it again fluidity and vigor. Like a lot 'Gustavus mythology', even though, the reality may be fairly assorted. Richard Brzezinski explores the reality at the back of the parable, in an try and locate the true tale of Gustavus's cavarly.

Bengal cavalry regiments, 1857-1914

The 1st King's regiment to serve in India used to be the thirty ninth Foot in 1754. sooner than it lower back domestic in 1758 a lot of its officials and males selected to move to the Honourable East India Company's carrier, and from that point onwards British infantrymen served continually in India, in both the British or Indian Armies, for nearly 200 years.

Military Insignia

Вопреки названию, данная книга является кратким справочником по численности и вооружению армий, ВВС и ВМС стран мира по состоянию на 1992г. (так вместо СССР уже используется аббревиатура СНГ).
Книга содержит цветные фотографии солдат и воинской символики различных стран мира.

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The hideous deficiencies in German winter uniforrn are apparent here. He has wrapped a cloth around his head to protect himself from frostbite, and his greatcoat is stuffed with newspaper and straw He has also managed to acquire a pair of straw overboots, usually issued to sentries or similar soldiers who would have to stand for long periods. The bag he carries in his left hand is the M1931 clothing bag which would have been used to store changes of clothes. lst the unit which took its tommander-in chief's name, the I I I t, rmann Giiring P anzer Division' 'l'his soldier is seen during the rllvision's operations in North Africa hr 1943 in the ultimately futile rk'lence of Tunisia.

Few ever went back to the Free French. This Moroccan soldier is wearing typical French uniform for the desert theatre (though a little heavily dressed compared to European troops) with a standard French helmet, khaki uniform, a long djellabah, and leather ammunition pouches. A yellow rank striP is buttoned to the front of his tunic' indicating so/dct de premibre classe, while his helmet features a crescent to show his Muslim faith. Collar patches depict the regimental number. :f 'f" 80 I FRANCE FRANCE Privote French Goumier Volunteer Legion Ukroine 1943 Africon Troops Syrio 1944 tflhis small contingent of French Foops who fought on the Eastern Front for the Germans is a little.

The Ml helmet is Arnerican, as are the Ml9l0 canteen cover and enamel water bottle, the ammunition pouch for pistol magazines, and the folding-stock MlAl carbine. The backpack is British l95&pattern. rfbrmed excellently, partly owing lo lhe thorough training and lcglmental pride, and partly to the hx'l that many of the paras were tough Irrrlochina veterans. rc shows the typical para rrulform of the mid-1950s. 'l'lrc camouflage shirt and trousers rurc from the MSl parachute uniform (llrst issued in 1953) which, as the lnrtterning suggests, was first lnlcnded for use by the paras in the luugles of South-east Asia.

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