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5. Everything in this section should work in any dimension if the LMMP holds. Moreover, the LMMP is sufficient for Q-boundaries, except for the termination. REFERENCES 1. V. Alexeev, "Two two-dimensional terminations," Duke Math. , 69, No. 3, 527-545 (1993). 2. A. Borisov, Minimal discrepancies of toric singularities, Algebraic Geometry E-prints. 3: J. W. S. Cassels, An Introduction to Diophantine Approzimatior~, Cambridge University Press (1957). 4. H. Clemens, J. Kolls and S. Mort, "Higher dimensional complex geometry," Astdrisque, 166, Soc.

McKernan, "Log abundance theorem for threefolds," Duke Math. , 75, No. 1, 99-119 (1994). 13. J. Kolle~', "The Cone theorem: Note to Kawamata's 'The cone of curves of algebraic varieties'," Ann. , 120, 1-5 (1984). J. 14. Kolls and S. Mort, Classification of Three-Dimensional Flips, preprint. 15. J. , "Flips and abundance for algebraic threefolds," A Summer Seminar at the University of Utah, Salt Lake City, 1991, Asterisque, 211 (1992). 16. T. Luo, On the Divisorial Eztremal Contractions of Threefolds: Divisor to a Point, preprint.

Stable for a small variation of B. 2. From this point of view, all basic morphisms of the LMMP are stable - - Fano fiberings, flips, and divisorial contractions with respect to B - - in the category of models with strictly log terminal singularities. This means that if we have such a morphism X -+ Y/S, then K x + B x is strictly log terminal and it is negative with respect to K x + B x , and this also holds for any small variation of the boundary B. According to the termination, even the construction of a log minimal model is stable.

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