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However, reduplication on verbs is used to change the aktionsart of a verb to give it a durative or iterative reading (cf. Sec. 4), and the meaning of these verbs does have a durative or iterative component: a fruit hanging at a tree, and putting one’s arms around both neighbors or each other. It therefore seems reasonable to assume that non-reduplicated forms existed once, but fell out of use. g. ­koro"dikolo ‘small lizard’ can be traced back to koropi- ‘to claw at something or someone’ and diko- ‘to pinch’, describing the way the lizard moves, and ­muzi"kavili ‘darkness’ is composed of "muzi ‘night’ and *kavili, which is to my knowledge not a root in present-day Savosavo.

In addition to this, suffixes differ in how they influence the stress pattern of the root or stem they attach to. CV and thus also increases the number of syllables of a word. Although all clitics form a phonological word with their host, some have a stronger influence on its stress pattern than others. Further investigation is required provide a full account of stress pattern changes triggered by different suffixes and enclitics combined. The remainder of this section will focus on two common bound morphemes, the suffix -ghu ‘NMLZ’ and the enclitic =gha ‘PL’.

In non-verbal clauses, the basic constituent order is Subject–Predicate, but predicates are frequently fronted. e. syntactic subject noun phrases are marked as nominative, while object noun phrases are unmarked. 3. g. instruments, and the ablative. There are two emphatic morphemes, the particle te and the enclitic =e, that are very commonly used. , not enclitics) to mark focus or a change or shift in topic. The particle te can be used to emphasize phrasal modifiers in noun phrases, arguments and adjuncts in verbal clauses, and constituents of non-verbal clauses.

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