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By Robert Albritton

A detailing of the consequences of Kozo Uno's political and fiscal conception. attempts to provide an explanation for the humanistic strength of Marxist thought.

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Thus Marx seems to think that capitalism will become more and more pure, the more it develops. But this overemphasizes the ability of value to overcome use-value obstacles. Uno and Sekine show that the development of capitalism leads to the production of use-values that become more and more difficult to subsume to the law of value. Even the 28 Political Economy development of heavy industry requires finance-capital in order to be capitalistically managed, but finance-capital, which involves the development of monopoly and very active state intervention must already represent a step away from the continued self-purification of capitalism.

The state and ideology). Use-values in reality are never so docile as we must assume in the pure theory. For example, labour-power always resists being commodified, resulting in class struggle. The effort totally to commodify nature also creates severe problems for capitalism and treating money as a pure commodity to be regulated only by the market seems often to contradict the needs of real economic life. These problems and others at the level of concrete history require that capital receive the support of state policies.

Since the law of value is the inner logic of capital and class struggle is historical, the effort to integrate the law of value directly with class struggle tends to produce some form of the logical-historical method which itself tends towards economism or voluntarism. As I have already pointed out, Marx was not always clear on this issue and there are many passages in Capital which would support a logical- historical method. In the main though, Marx treats capital and labour as completely reified and secured commodities in working out the law of value, although he may use examples of class struggle to illustrate the law of value.

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