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Gallen management model" (Riiegg-Stiirm 2005). Porter's Value Chain models the activities a firm performs "to design, produce, market, deliver, and support its product" (1998, p. 36). The purpose of the model is to identify potentials for value creation and thus indicate sources for profit. The Generic Value Chain, which shall be valid for all businesses, displays the total value created, which consists of value activities plus margin (see Figure 1). A margin is "the difference between total value and the collective cost of performing the value activities" (p.

30 Theory This section summarizes the history and status quo of (social) systems thought in marketing. It begins with an overview of applications of systems theory in marketing since the 1960s. Then, it presents basic tenets and recent applications of grand sociological theories in marketing research. 3 it introduces the theoretical foundation of this project: Luhmann's social systems theory (Luhmann 1995, 1998). Finally, we discuss why this particular theory and no other was employed as a key conceptual framework.

Luhmann (1927-1998) was one of the foremost German sociologists of his time, a student of Parsons and a contemporary of Foucault, Baudrillard, Bourdieu, Latour, and Habermas. He published extensively in the German and English language. In 1969, Luhmann described his 22 Original: Es "ist der Sinn der Bildung von Systemen darin zu sehen, dass ausgegrenzte Bereiche geschaffen werden, die es ermoglichen, die menschliche Aufnahmekapazitat iiberwaltigende Komplexitat der Welt in spezifischer Weise zu erfassen und zu verarbeiten.

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