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By Mitsuru Nagasawa

The Advances in Chemical Physics sequence presents the chemical physics box with a discussion board for severe, authoritative reviews of advances in each region of the self-discipline. This quantity explores issues from Thermodynamic homes of Polyelectrolyte ideas to ion-binding of polyelectrolytes. The booklet features:

  • The merely sequence of volumes on hand that offers the leading edge of study in chemical physics
  • Contributions from specialists during this box of research
  • Representative cross-section of analysis that questions demonstrated pondering on chemical solutions
  • An editorial framework that makes the publication an exceptional complement to a complicated graduate type in actual chemistry or chemical physics

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Cm 3???? 2 e2 ????e2 −kT ln f± = + (74) ∑ D(????sb2 + 6h∕Z) ci 2D where cm and ci denote the monomolar concentration of the polyelectrolyte and the molar concentration of simple ions of type i, respectively. 5 1 1 2 1 2 3 3 4 0 1 2 3 4 2 Equivalent concentration of polyelectrolyte (×10 N) Figure 7. Mean activity coefficient of NaCl in polyelectrolyte solutions Polyelectrolyte sample; sodium poly(vinyl alcohol sulfate), deg. 57 × 103 , deg. 65. Curve 1, observed data; curve 2, calculated values of Katchalsky and Lifson eq (74) using h from eq (70); curve 3, calculated values of Katchalsky and Lifson’s theory using h obtained from the [????] data.

18. A. Katchalsky and S. Lifson, J. Polym. , 11, 409 (1953). 19. P. Debye, J. Appl. , 15, 338 (1944). 20. R. H. Ewart, C. P. Roe, P. Debye and J. R. McCartney, J. Chem. , 14, 687 (1946). 21. P. Debye, J. Phys. , 51, 18 (1947). 22. P. M. Doty, B. H. Zimm and H. Mark, J. Chem. , 13, 159 (1945).. 23. B. H. Zimm, J. Chem. , 16, 1093, 1099 (1948). 24. P. Outer, C. I. Carr and B. H. Zimm, J. Chem. , 18, 830 (1950). 25. C. I. Carr and B. H. Zimm, J. Chem. , 18, 1616 (1950). 26. C. , New York, NY (1961).

The contribution of uij of the ion pair to the repulsive energy is averaged by the distribution function ū ij multiplied by the number of the ion pair with the same ū ij . As the calculation of the repulsive energy F3 is lengthy, only the final equation is quoted. ) ( ???? 2 e2 6h F3 = (66) ln 1 + 2 Dh ????h0 Thus, the electrostatic free energy per single polyelectrolyte molecule is given by Fe = F1 + F2 + F3 ) ) ( ( (∑ ) ni + ???? e2 ???? h2 3 ???? 2 e2 6h = kT −1 − + ln 1 + 2 2 3D Dh h20 ????h0 (67) (68) 40 MITSURU NAGASAWA 1.

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