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By Mohammed Muzibur Rahman and Abdullah Mohamed Asiri

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Cadmium-induced supramolecular hydrogels: Reversible sol–gel transitions induced by EDTA and acid/base exchange. Mater Lett 2012;82:227–229. [41] Jin H, Dai XH, Wu C, Pan JM, Wang XH, Yan YS, Liu DM, Sun L. Rational design of shear-thinning supramolecular hydrogels with porphyrin for controlled chemotherapeutics release and photodynamic therapy. Eur Polym J 2015;66:149–159. [42] Jiao T, Wang Y, Gao FQ, Zhou J, Gao FM. Photoresponsive organogel and organized nanostructures of cholesterol imide derivatives with azobenzene substituent groups.

5772/65122 In addition, we have characterized the gelation behaviors of some bolaform cholesteryl amide compounds with large conjugated spacer [43, 44]. We found that the formed nanostructures and self-assembly process in organogels could be regulated by solvent change. Morphological characterization showed different aggregates, including wrinkle, belt, and fiber. We proposed possible self-assembly modes in gels, as shown in Figure 14. Different solvents could adjust molecular conformation to self-assemble and form twisted stretched stacking nanostructures.

Physical Chemistry. 2011;1:10-13. 02. [46] Yakhno T. Sodium chloride crystallization from drying drops of albumin-salt solutions with different albumin concentrations. Technical Physics. 2015;60:1601-1608. 1134/S1063784215110262. [47] Brutin D, Sobac B, Loquet B, Sampol J. Pattern formation in drying drops of blood. Journal of Fluid Mechanics. 2011;667:85-95. 1017/S0022112010005070. [48] Brutin D, Sobac B, Nicloux C. Influence of substrate nature on the evaporation of a sessile drop of blood. Journal of Heat Transfer.

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