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By Ytasha L. Womack

Comprising components of the avant-garde, technology fiction, state-of-the-art hip-hop, black comix, and photograph novels, Afrofuturism spans either underground and mainstream popular culture. With a twofold goal to entertain and enlighten, Afrofuturists try to collapse racial, ethnic, and all social boundaries to empower and unfastened contributors to be themselves. This publication introduces readers to the burgeoning artists growing Afrofuturist works, the heritage of innovators some time past, and the wide variety of matters they discover. From the sci-fi literature of Samuel Delany, Octavia Butler, and NK Jemisin to the musical cosmos of solar Ra, George Clinton, and the Black Eyed Peas', to the visible and multimedia artists encouraged via African Dogon myths and Egyptian deities, subject matters variety from the "alien" adventure of blacks in the United States to the "wake up" cry that peppers sci-fi literature, sermons, and activism. Interviews with rappers, composers, musicians, singers, authors, comedian illustrators, painters, and DJs, in addition to Afrofuturist professors, offer a firsthand examine this interesting move.

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