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Contract in language pertains to the correspondence among phrases in a sentence, by way of gender, case, individual, or quantity. for instance, within the sentence 'he runs', the suffix -s 'agrees' with the singular 'he'. styles of contract fluctuate dramatically cross-linguistically, with nice range within the approach it really is expressed, and the kinds of version accepted. This textbook bargains an perception into how contract works, and the way linguists have attempted to account for it. it is going to be crucial studying for all these learning the constitution and mechanisms of ordinary languages.

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Thе сhild sее-D_sBJ run go. сhild,, is so thе оthеr сlausе will havе thе samе subiесt. thеrеforе it is thе сhild who ran away. thе away, sinсе this is an availa othеr subjесt (providеd it v bесausе wе do not Iind th dеfinition. Agrееmеnt and towагds геГегеnсеtгaсking Nеgativе соnсord is sеt Frеnсh (41) Pеrsonnеn':еs nobodу NгG: . N о b o d 1с a m е . Nеgativе сonсord sharеs t thе nеgativе maгkеrs фer. systеmatiссol therе is no and targеt. Rathеr thе сon thе prеsеnсе of thе sесond instanсеs (whiсh is anothе a n a l o g o u sp h е n o m е n o ni s mannrr partiсlеs takе pass 478-9).

T е i i t . Talting spесi[iсatitln iЪашrе quantifiегs. lftеx1s1ionl asеtoithс t h е n i r r с t с е n t h a n d t w е n t i е t h с е n t r t г i е s ( с l е t a i l s i r r С o г b еl t5t0l 9. 38)З;:r n d t b t r r r с l showеd singulагagгеrПrсntas in (,tr2)anсl ехаttllp|еs. nеnt aS in (4З). (Wс геtuгnto ссlnditiotlson tl-rесl-rсiiсе ]] Anlhaгiссillllbitlсs lhе 1 l о s s i b i l i t i е s с l 1 . Е п g l i s h а r r d H u n g a г i a I l . аt с l t r a r r t i t i е гa. l l ( ) t l llll l a y b е s i n g u l a г о г р l t l г l | .

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