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By Idun Reiten, Sverre O. Smalø, Øyvind Solberg

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81)2. (*) Once discovered, of course, this identity between real numbers can be checked by multiplying out both sides. However, it does look a lot more natural in C. 8), that is, as a plane. 8. 6 Complex Numbers 47 We shall now sketch how the arithmetic of C captures the geometry of the plane. Naturally, the basic definitions are motivated by background knowledge of geometry. Nevertheless, it is a surprise to see how geometrically effective + and x become when combined with i = A . The distance of a point z = a + i{3 from 0 = (0,0) is captured by its absolute value Izl = 10'.

P~r where Pl,"" Pr are the distinct primes that divide n. Show that min {:? m = l ... p~r, where each di :S ei. 2 Deduce formulas for gcd(a, b) and lcm(a, b) in terms of the prime powers in a and b, where lcm( a, b) denotes the least common multiple of a, b. 4 Generalise the proof of the prime divisor lemma to show that if rlab and gcd(a, r) = 1 then rib. 3, the fact that Q is closed under division is very useful, but it does not help us understand the divisibility properties of integers. Q provides a ratio min of any integers m, n with n i= 0, and hence gives no indication whether n actually divides m.

For example, the solution z = i of z7 + z6 + ...

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