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By Philip Katcher

On the time of the yank Civil struggle, with million males lower than fingers, a US military that during pre-war days had depended upon a minute variety of technical troops now required nearly a military of experts by myself. distinct sharpshooters have been recruited for skirmishing accountability; males whose wounds could have resulted in their discharge some time past now came across themselves guarding very important posts within the Veteran Reserve Corps; and massive numbers of civilians stumbled on themselves in uniform as contributors of the Telegraph or health center Corps. Philip Katcher examines the association and uniforms of the professional troops who served within the armies of either sides.

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Вопреки названию, данная книга является кратким справочником по численности и вооружению армий, ВВС и ВМС стран мира по состоянию на 1992г. (так вместо СССР уже используется аббревиатура СНГ).
Книга содержит цветные фотографии солдат и воинской символики различных стран мира.

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The 15th returned home from the West Indies in 1782 aboard the captured French vessel Ville de Paris, a prize ship taken by Admiral Sir George Rodney. III 16th (Bedfordshire) Regiment of Foot The 16th Foot had been assigned to Florida in 1767 and took part in Gulf Coast operations largely as detachments. In that capacity it found little opportunity to distinguish itself, but nevertheless appears to have been a solid regiment. It fought in the successful 1779 defense of Savannah, Georgia, only countered by its near total capture with the surrendered garrison at Pensacola achieved by Spanish forces under Gov.

It remained idly interned with the “Convention Army” until 1781 when it glumly sailed for home, a sad end for one of the army’s better infantry regiments. The 20th wore yellow facings and paired buttons with straight loops. The figure second from right is a regimental pioneer, one of several assigned to each regiment to attend to minor engineering tasks which presented themselves on the march, in combat, or in camp. They were equipped with axes, saws and their trademark leather apron. The pioneer’s bearskin cap was shorter than those worn by grenadiers and musicians, bearing a front plate with red background and depicting tools of his trade alongside the Royal crest.

His waist coat is trimmed in red as occasionally done by light infantry units. Cuff buttons are arrayed in vertical pattern. The 9th wore light yellow-orange facings, buttons in pairs. As always the facing color was best displayed to advantage in the regimental color held by the ensign second from right. Officers frequently dispensed with tape binding on their cocked hats. Following a brief spell in Ireland, upon the outbreak of war in the American colonies the regiment was sent to Canada as a part of an expeditionary force under Maj.

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