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By J. L. Pete Morgan, Ted A. Thurman

Eight x eleven & the only so much entire resource on usa army patches. colour plates illustrate and establish greater than 2,000 patches and tabs, from international conflict II to the current. gives you to develop into the definitive paintings on U.S. military shoulder sleeve insignia and patches.

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Вопреки названию, данная книга является кратким справочником по численности и вооружению армий, ВВС и ВМС стран мира по состоянию на 1992г. (так вместо СССР уже используется аббревиатура СНГ).
Книга содержит цветные фотографии солдат и воинской символики различных стран мира.

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The entire regiment was ongmally armed WIth 'car1:llnes' except for len men In each company armed WIth rTlIes, although the proportIOn 01 nllemen grew to neatty I'IaIt by the time they S311ed for the West Indies, Our subfect's UOIform features the shako, green jaCket and black eqUIpment adopted by many of the RrtIe regtments f3IS6d later, lOCludlng the 5I6Oth and the 95th Rifles, Note the turban, chams and plate adormng hIS shako, and the 'breastplate' secunng hiS pouch and sword belt. Note also the breech cover and loose sling on hiS carbine.

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