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Write the figure Draw these cards, and write 7 under each card. • • • • • • • • • • • • LESSON 20 20. There are 4 pigs in 1 pen and 3 pigs in another How many pigs in both pens ? How many must you add to 5 to make pen. If you draw many How many If 7 stars will be left and rub out How many ? them, are 7 less 3 how ? and 1 cross ? and give away 6 of them, you have left ? 7 pears how many pears will How many are 7 less ? crosses are 6 crosses you have less 5 3 of 7 7 less 2 ? 7 less 6 7 less 1 ? 4 ?

If he had 3 turned out how the pasture, and the rest in the stable, in many ? did he have in the stable ? There were 7 windows in a room, and 2 of them were shut. How many were open ? There were 7 eggs How many were storekeeper had 7 saws. He used 5 of them. A in a basket, but had apples cost 5 apples ? peaches cost ? how much 3 apples one peach costs 2 cents, 2 peaches How many ? 6 apples ? how much cents, 7 ? will 3 how many for 4 cents three-cent stamjDs can for 6 cents will ? you can buy one pencil for 2 pencils can you buy for 6 cents ?

Write two-thirds, thus, three-quarters, thus, f § ; h ; \. two-fourths, thus, LESSON 30 Eead : ^ ; J ; f ; Write in figures thirds ; one-fourth ; i : ; I 30. f ; ; one-lialf t. ; one-third three-quarters. Oral and slate exercises : ; two- LESSON K a melon one of the . is 31. 31 cut into four equal parts, what is |)arts called ? What are three of the parts called ? How many quarters of a melon make a whole melon ? How many make quarters of a melon half of a melon ? How many make quarters of a dollar a half dollar How many How many and a half make a dollar ?

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